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MG supplied the car trade and MG TF dealers with specialist MG TF car maintenance manuals - MG TF service manuals & MG TF car repair manuals (on CD ROM) for MG TF Sports Cars.

Whether you were an MG main agent, are an MG mechanic or an MG TF owner - enthusiast, these MG TF CDs contain vital information for anyone who works on or has an interest in MG TF Sports Cars.

Please note; covers MG TF Sports Cars up to and including 2005 models.

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These manuals run from within a program which is installed on a Windows PC, Laptop, Notebook or Netbook. This is currently compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 (they are not just a collection of PDFs).

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(Does Not Cover Chinese MG TFs)


 The MG TF Service Manual covers the following subjects

MG TF Repair Manual  (733 pages)

MG TF General Information

MG TF Maintenance

MG TF Engine

MG TF Engine Management System (MEMS)

MG TF Cooling System

MG TF Manifold & Exhaust System

MG TF Clutch

MG TF Manual Gearbox

MG TF Automatic Gearbox; EM - CVT

MG TF Drive shafts

MG TF Steering

MG TF Front Suspension

MG TF Rear Suspension

MG TF Brakes

MG TF Restraint System

MG TF Body

MG TF Heating & Ventilation

MG TF Air Conditioning

MG TF Wipers & Washers

MG TF Electrical

MG TF Instruments

MG TF Overall Manuals

K Series MG TF Engine Overall Manual (137 pages)

PG1 Manual MG TF Gearbox Overall Manual (43 pages)

MG TF Electrical Manual

MG TF Electrical Library (316 pages)

MG TF Circuit Diagrams - MG TF Wiring Diagrams; English (68 Pages)

MG TF Circuit Diagrams - MG TF Wiring Diagrams; English Export (67 Pages)

MG TF Owners Handbook

MG TF UK Handbook (145 pages)

MG TF English Export Handbook (138 Pages)

MG TF UK Handbook Supplement

MG TF English Export Handbook Supplement

MG TF Pre Delivery & Maintenance Checks

MG TF Pre Delivery Inspection Manual

MG TF Pre Delivery Inspection Sheet

MG TF Maintenance Check Sheet; Petrol (English)

MG TF Maintenance Check Sheet; Petrol (English Export)

MG TF Accessory fitting instructions

MG TF Hand Brake Grip

MG TF Fog Lamps

MG TF Mud Guards (Front)

MG TF Mud Guards (Rear)

Kenwood Audio System Fitting Instructions

MG TF Heated Seats

MG TF T4 Diagnostics System

T4 System MG TF Users Manual (120 pages)

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Covers MG TF up to 2005 models

(Includes 2005 models)

Includes Free Mechanics CD with;

Mechanics Course Manuals

Kit Car Assembly Manual

Car and Bike Videos

Car Engine Management Diagnostics Codes Manual

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